We have done your homework for you. After much research and training, we have been very selective with the brands we have decided to offer our clientele. These brands use a composition of at least 90% pure Natural Quartz in their blends, with the balance being a mix of resin and binders. This high content of quartz is very important in maintaining the durability and integrity of the finished product. This is the reason you should choose a quartz product for your surfaces.


The quartz countertop sector is not regulated – many brands import substandard  materials with low quantity and quality of quartz composition, resulting in poor performance. Some use additional ingredients other than Quartz in manufacturing their slabs such as; polymeric or cement-based binders, crushed granite and marble waste material as well as recycled industrial waste products such as ceramic, silica, glass, mirror and more. These products will NOT perform the same as high quality pure Quartz.


Our fabricating staff are highly trained and certified in using top quality cutting and polishing equipment. We take great pride in our service and carefully select and inspect every slab for your project. Once the fabrication has been completed, the pieces are dry fitted and inspected, ensuring a proper fit for a smooth and flawless installation.  

Design matching for the slab faces is another important fabrication standard at Stone Lab. We use software and technology that allows us to render the best slabs and layout for each job. Designs with large vein movements are digitally lined up before cutting slabs to ensure that the prominent veins match in the best possible way.


We use industry leading laser templating technology to scan your cabinetry/project. This allows for pre-scribing of the walls, resulting in the tightest and most accurate fit of your finished countertops and minimal requirement for caulking and silicone. Every Quartz brand Stone Lab supplies, offers a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. We stand behind every project we install.

Quality Quartz surfaces are very durable and do not require any sealing or special care after installation. There is no need for daily maintenance; you simply wash your surfaces with soap and water.



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