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This guide will help you to understand the process involved in replacing your existing countertops.

STEP 1 - Obtain a Free Estimate

In order for us to prepare an accurate estimate for you, we will require the measurements of your countertops being replaced. We will need to know sink and cooktop locations, backsplash details if relevant, your choice of countertop material, desired edge profile and thickness.

Start by drawing a simple plan of your existing countertops. Measure the countertops and note measurements on the drawing. Make sure to measure the Length, Width and Depth of all counters. Mark sink and cooktop locations. Also, if you require slab material for your backsplash, include dimensions of your backsplash in the drawings. For complicated layouts, do your best with getting accurate measurements. Including pictures of your kitchen will most definitely help in preparing an accurate cost estimate.

Email your sketch and any pictures to and we will prepare an estimate for you within 48hrs. This price will be subject to change after template and depending on your final measurements, material selections and design details.

The more details you supply in your drawing – the more accurate your initial estimate will be.

 This is also the perfect time to select your new sink and faucet and any other accessories you wish to include so that these can be included in the cost of your new countertops. If you are unsure of any details and selections, our team of experts are here to help you.


STEP 2 - Scheduling Your Template

Once you receive your estimate and you are satisfied with the details of the project, you can schedule a template date. This is the day we will come to your home to take accurate measurements of your kitchen using our laser templating system. This system will ensure an exact fit for your countertops.

On template day

  • Make sure all counter surfaces are cleared off

  • Make sure your sink is on site

  • Make sure your faucet is on site

  • Make sure the cooktop and/or downdraft, stove or any other appliance including the dishwasher and refrigerator are on site. When selecting a new cooktop, ensure a proper fit in your cabinet. If appliances cannot be on site, make sure to have exact model numbers at time of templating

  • Brackets, columns, corbels and supports for overhangs must be in place at time of templating

  • Ensure new cabinetry (if applicable) is completely set in place and level. If this is a new kitchen, ensure all base cabinetry and panels that will affect the shape or overhang of the countertops are in place for proper measurements

  • Old countertops don't have to be removed in most cases

  • A 50% deposit will be required on the day of templating



STEP 3 - Installation Day

  • Have your sink and faucet on site

  • Have all old counter top removed. If we are doing the removal, please ensure the plumbing is disconnected

  • Have all appliances on site

  • Out of level cabinetry will affect the installation of your new countertops. All cabinetry must be leveled and ready for installation of your countertops prior to installation day


Additional Information

  • Stone Lab can remove and dispose of your old countertops and disconnect and reconnect your plumbing for an additional cost. Kindly specify if you require this service at time of estimating

  • Stone Lab also offers sinks, faucets as well as a back splash replacement service for an additional cost

  • You can schedule to have your plumbing and appliance connections done on the day following the completion of the countertop installations

Countertop Seams:

It is preferable to have the least number of seams in any installation.

Factors that affect the number and location of seams are:

  • Size of slabs being used

  • Layout of your countertops and location of cutouts

  • Access to your home and through restricted areas such as doorways and elevators

  • We do our utmost to ensure the best possible tone and vein match on seams. We cannot guarantee book-matched seams

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